Common name: Forest mallow 

Latin name: Malva sylvestris L. 

Other names: God's hand, “Moloha”, “Kambula” 

Description: Mallow is an annual (to perennial) herbaceous plant of the Malvacea family, up to 80 cm tall. It could be found in weedy areas, rubble, ditches, roadsides and grassy areas. Mallow stems are erect, ascending, branched or decumbent. The flowers are large, with pink-red petals. Blooms in summer. The leaves are long-stalked, rounded, heart-shaped at the base. 

Used part of the plant: leaves (Folia Malvae) and flowers (Flores Malvae). 

Collecting time: Mallow leaves and flowers are harvested from June to August during dry weather flowering. The leaves are plucked with short stalks, and the flowers one by one without crushing - without stalks. 

Content and properties: The leaves and flowers of the medicinal plant contain mucilage, carotene, vitamins C, tannins, essential oil, mineral salts, sugars, organic acids, phytosterol, inulin, phenols, flavonoids, essential fatty acids, fiber. The flowers also contain the anthocyanin glucoside malvin. The rich chemical composition of mallow determines its medicinal properties - anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, antispasmodic, immune stimulating, sedative, regulating the metabolism in the body. 

Healing action and application: Mallow has an anti-inflammatory and expectorant effect — it dilutes the bronchial secretion, has an antispasmodic effect on the smooth muscles of the bronchi. This is how it acts on the smooth muscles of the digestive tract and the urinary-excretory canals. It is used for diseases of the thyroid gland, kidney stones and nephritis, cystitis, gallstones, constipation, infections in the throat and mouth. The herb accelerates wound healing, protects against infection, reduces virus, reduces signs of aging, aids sleep and treats headaches. Externally, it is applied as gargles, compresses, baths, leaf poultices for any problem such as insect bites, swellings, burns, boils, acne, wounds, colpitis, itching. 

Opportunities for offering upon specific request of the client: 

Vesselino Ltd. offers their customers the plant in the following varieties: 

  • Leaves (Folia Malvae) and flowers (Flores Malvae) - dried, whole, crushed, cut to size, ground into powder/flour 
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