Silver birch Betula alba L.

Common name: White birch 

Latin name: Betula alba L. (Betula pendula Roth.) 

Other names: Birch, White Birch, Common Birch 

Description: White Birch—Betula alba L. is a tree with smooth, thin, usually white bark and a loose, pyramidal crown with drooping young branches. It is spread throughout Europe. It grows in mixed coniferous, sometimes also in broad-leaved forests, in clearings and thin rocky woodlands. In Bulgaria, it is found in high mountains above 1000 m. of the sea level. The leaves are rhombic-shaped, at the base entire, pointed, toothed, dark green above, light green below. Male flowers are collected in cylindrical panicles, and female flowers in oval or cylindrical panicles. 

Part of the herb used: leaves (Folia Betulae), leaf buds (Gemmae Betulae), bark (Cortex Betulae) and catkins (Flores Betulae) 

Time of collection: The leaves are collected in the Spring before or during flowering. The bark peels in early spring, March - April, when the plant's juices are flowing. Buds are also harvested in the spring. The catkins are harvested in early spring. 

Chemical Composition/Contents and Properties: White birch bark contains medicinal oils, including 10-14% betulin. 

Medicinal action and application: Powdered extract from the leaves and bark and fatty extract from white birch are used for kidney, gastrointestinal, heart diseases, rheumatism, skin diseases, etc. When taken internally, white birch has a diuretic and diuretic effect. It is also used as a general tonic for anemia, for the treatment of boils, hard-to-heal wounds, etc. Betulin in white birch has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antiviral effects. Medicinal oil is extracted from the birch bark, branches and leaves, which is used in massage to relieve pain. 

Possibility to offer at the customer's request: 

Vesselino Ltd. offers their customers the plant in the following varieties: 

Birch leaves (Folia Betulae) - whole, crushed, cut to size (both for extract and as a tea ingredient), ground into powder/flour 

Birch bark (Cortex Betulae) - whole, crushed, cut to a certain size, ground into powder/flour 


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