Common name: Tagetes

Latin name: Tagetes erecta, Mexican marigold, Aztec marigold

Other names: Tagetes, Short Muslim woman, Turkish clove, Turkish flower 

Description: Tagetes is an annual plant that belongs to the Compositae, Asteraceae family. It originates from Mexico, Central America. The plant is unpretentious to climatic factors, but is sensitive to cold. Tagetes erecta is propagated by seeds. Sowing is carried out from the end of February to the middle of March indoors. The flowers (Folia Tagetes) are hermaphrodites and are pollinated by insects. The plant blooms in June. If planted with seedlings, the flowering begins earlier and lasts until late Autumn. Tagetes is characterized by single, bright, orange, yellow or yellow-brown flowers collected in a green calyx. The specific smell of the plant is due to the essential oil contained in all its parts.

Part of the herb used: leaves (Folia Tagetes), flowers (Flores Tagetes), stems

Time of collection: The leaves of the tagetes (Folia Tagetes) are harvested during vegetation or while the plant is in bloom. The flowers (Flores Tagetes) are picked before their full bloom. At this stage, their healing properties are strongest. They are used immediately or dried for further use under suitable storage conditions

Chemical composition/Contents and properties: essential oil, antiseptic substances, selenium, potassium, phosphorus, tanning substances, flavonoids, lutein, vitamin C, vitamin A, carotenoids, quercetagetin, etc.

Medicinal action and application: Tagetes (Tagetes erecta) has strong antiseptic, diuretic, antimycotic and antibiotic properties. The plant is effective in the form of a decoction for women's health problems such as fibroids, cysts, female sterility, mastopathy. The medicinal plant helps with hemorrhages, cystitis, polyps, respiratory problems, runny nose, rashes and eczema.

Possibility to offer at the customer's request:

Vesselino Ltd. offers their customers the plant in the following varieties:

• flowers (Flores Tagetes) - dried, whole, cut to a certain size at the customer's request, ground into herbal powder/flour

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