Walnut Juglans regia L.

Jaglandaceae, up to 30 m high, with a stem diameter of up to 2 m, with a broad, highly branched crown and a deep root system. It grows best to 700-800m. high altitude.

The leaves are large, and have a strong characteristic smell and a bitter, bitter taste. Also used are the unripe dried fruits and the outer green envelopes of the fruit.

The flowers are of the same nature, the fruit is spherical or ovate, with a fleshy green outer shell and a hard wood, a wrinkled inner sheath. Blooms from April to May.

For medical purposes, Folia Juglandis, Cortex Juglandis fructibus and Cortex Juglandis fructibus are used for their anti-inflammatory, baking, toning properties of the nervous and digestive systems. Fruits are taken in the case of diabetes mellitus and other metabolic disturbances

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