with HERBS and ESSENTIAL OILS We are one of the leading exporters of Rose Oil and natural rose water situated in the Rose Valley International TRADING with HERBS and ESSENTIAL OILS We are one of the leading exporters of Rose Oil and natural rose water situated in the Rose Valley International TRADING

Vesselino LTD, international Suplier, Exporter and Traider

Vesselino Ltd. is a Bulgarian trading company, whose main business interest is dealing as supplier of dried medicinal herbs, herbal extracts, essential oils, floral waters, absolue, concretes, natural raw materials, tea blends, food supplements and cosmetics.

➤ Established in 1994 in Kazanlak, the heart of the Rose Valley, our company is one of the leading suppliers, exporters of rose oil - natural and organic and natural rose water.

➤ For almost 30 years, we have been a fair and reliable partner both to manufacturers of herbs, essential oils, agricultural products, as well as to companies from the pharmaceutical, food and perfume industries in over 45 countries, for which we are a supplier of raw materials.

➤ Our product list includes over 170 types of herbs of Bulgarian origin such as valerian root, mursalski tea (Sideritis), mulberry leaf, coriander seeds, samardala(nectaroscordum siculum ssp. bulgaricum),  tribulus terrestris, juniper berry, rosehip and many more - whole, cut and in powdered form. We export more than 22 types of essential oils, including the priceless rose oil, called "liquid Bulgarian gold".




Vesselino Ltd. is the largest exporter of Bulgarian rose water and offers an assortment of floral (aromatic) waters such as lavender, roman chamomile, german chamomile, lemon balm, mint.

➤ We also offer final forms such as herbal tea mixes, as well as spices, packaged and labeled on the PRIVATE LABEL principle. Our product list includes a variety of plant extracts, food supplements and cosmetic products.

➤ The first finished product of  Vesselino Ltd. is the carbonated soft drink with 100% natural rose water ReaSevt ® recognized as an innovation. The drink is free of preservatives, sweeteners and stabilizers and enjoys great interest among consumers of natural products.

➤ Thanks to the innovative production methods of Vesselino Ltd., natural rose water for drinking ReaSevt® is officially recognized by the food industry as a standardized soft drink. ReaSevt® is a modern product that successfully continues the 300-year tradition of rose production, the extraction of rose oil and rose water in Bulgaria.




Dear Partners and Friends,

We like to inform you that we are in position to supply a bulk quantity of  conventional Lavender Essential Oil with typical Bulgarian quality in quantities up to 2000 kg. 

For more details and quotations, please, send us your concrete inquiries by e-mail: [email protected]

On our list you can find a variety of plant extracts, herbal remedies and cosmetic products, as follows:

Our Priority

The major priority of our company politics, is the modern and resourceful management. Our work, is to promote on the international markets the high quality of the original traditional Bulgarian natural products.

We’re Professional

We are striving for incessantly improvement of the offered services and products, attended with an incessantly increase of our young team's professional qualification to our team.

We’re Passionate

The key to a good customer service to build good relationships. Our goal, is to please all customer desires at every step of the business negotiations. A delighted customer, will return for more and different orders.

Excellent Services

The efficient development and the intention for incessantly improvement of the offered services and products. Increasing our young team professional qualification, is a guarantee for promptness, quality and proficiency.

Fast Service

Making the delivery as FAST as possible anywhere in the world and satisfying our customer desires are our main goals.

Quality Management System

We work with certified Quality Management System since 01.09.2005 which was re-certified in 2008 by MOODY INTERNATIONAL with the newest edition of ISO 9001

Proposal of the day:

  • Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) essential oil - conventional
    Available stock quantity: 2000 kg.  
  • Rosa Damascena (Rose) Absolute
    Upon request. 
  • Rosa Damascena (Rose) Floral Water
    Available stock quantity: 2000 kg. 
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