Common name: Lemon balm

Latin name: Melissa officinalis L.

Other names: lemon balm, lemon, melissa

Description: Lemon balm - a perennial herbaceous plant of the Lamiaceae family (Lamiaceae, Labiatae), with a pleasant lemon smell, hence the other name - lemon. Unprotected species. The stem is four-ribbed, densely branched, up to 1 m. high, covered with hairs. The lemon balm`s flowers are pale yellow, white or pink. Melissa blooms from June to September. The leaves are dark green opposite, with petioles.

Used part of the plant: Leaves (Folia Melissa officinalis L.) Herba (Folia Melissa officinalis L.)

Collecting time: The herbs and leaves are harvested by July before flowering to preserve the specific lemon aroma.

Content and properties: The herb Melissa contain essential oil, eugenol, tannins and terpenes. The most important active component in its leaves is rosmarinic acid, the content of which is 36.5 ± 0.8 mg of rosmarinic acid per gram of leaf mass. The lemony aroma of lemon balm is due to the terpenes citronellal, citronellol, citral and geraniol.

Healing action and application: It has been proven that the plant of Melissa has antiviral, antispasmodic, antimicrobial and antitumor properties. In the form of tincture, tea, extract, capsule or essential oil, lemon balm has a calming effect on the body, improves sleep, helps with headaches, indigestion, nausea, menstrual pain, toothache. It is also applied externally as oil or in ointments for herpes. Lemon balm is used to strengthen the nervous system and has a sedative and antispasmodic effect. It is prescribed for cardiac neurosis, migraine, insomnia, nervous and sexual overexcitement, neurasthenia, heart diseases.

Opportunities for offering upon specific request of the client:

Vesselino Ltd. offers their customers the plant in the following varieties:

  • Dried Leaves (Folia Melissa officinalis L.) – Dried Herbs (Herba Melissa officinalis L.) whole, roughly crushed, cut in particular sizes according to the customer's requirements, in powdering form/herb flour
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