Herbal Tea:

Medicinal herbs for sale : we offer a different teas blends from the following types of high quality Bulgarian dried herb. The list with medicinal herbs include part of following items: Tribulus, Anise, Aronia, Alder buckthorn, Chamomilla, Cinnamon, Corn -silk, Dandelion, Elder, Fennel, Flax, Green tea, Hawthorn, Hibiscus, Horsetail, Linden, Nettle, Oregano, Peppermint, Roobos, Sideritis scardica, nettle, Rosehips, Rose, Lavender, Stevia, St'John's wort, Thyme, lemon balm and etc.


HERBAL TEA details

We are offering a variety of medicinal herbs tea blends of high quality dried herbs from Bulgaria. Specially developed in several directions:

The Detox tea is usually based on tea leaves mixed with different type of herbs. This tea, recommended for detox, contains herbs that nourish the liver, (organ responsible for cleansing toxins from your body). This tea helps your body to get rid of toxic waste, which helps improving the digestive system, detoxifies and cleans the body, helping you reach your health / weightloss goals.
A traditional combination of Bulgarian herbs with pleasant aroma and montane freshness that has an anti-inflammatory, expectorant and calming effect on coughing. It is also used for prophylaxis in upper respiratory tract inflammation and bronchitis. Increases the immune protection of the body.
Drinking FIT tea on a regular basis speeds up the metabolism which increases the fat burning rate in the body. It suppresses the appetite and prevents the conversion of the carbohydrates and sugars into fat, reducing fat layers in the body. The catechins presented in slimming tea also help reducing abdominal fat without influencing the absorption of fat soluble vitamins. - Increases the metabolism - Helps burning stored fats - Suppresses appetite - Purifies your internal organs - Reduces swellings - Repairs some digestive problems
This tea is a superb combination of high quality herbs, suitable for everyday use by the youngsters. You want the best for your child, right? So why don't you make him/her a healthy cup of tea? Refreshing and fruity, this tea will definitely become one of your child best beverages! Tea with specially selected combination of herbs, harvested in eco-friendly mountain areas that activate the body's protective powers. It can be used in the winter season also during the hot summer days with a slice of lemon and some ice.

"Private label" basis

Variety of herbal tea blends, packaged and labeled in accordance with customer requests on "Private label" basis.

Packed in carton boxes of 20 pcs., filter paper with and without thread:

  • crushed or cut whole
  • banded in bunches